Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Hello friends

Hope you are good...
Wishing you a spooky

I've not been around much as life has been very hectic....
 but I wanted to share this quick post sharing my latest Halloween make
using the spooky im Holtz Halloween Idea-ology....

I really hope you have a fun Halloween, be safe and enjoy the sweet goodies!
Thanks for passing by 


Saturday, 29 September 2018


Hello friends

I'm back with another spooky Halloween make....
I took a vignette box and covered it using Halloween papers by Tim Holtz and distress it.
I lined the inside with the wallpaper.
I also added melted wax from a red candle to add another layer of spookiness!
I broke the fingers off the zombie hands by accident, (because I actually stood on them both!!) but like in my previous post I decided to make use of those fingers by making them look like they were coming out of the box

I was trying to suspend the skulls with thread so they would moved with the box but wasn't having a lot of luck, so I  drilled through the skulls using a Dremel drill,,,(thank you to the lovely Stacy for giving me the inspiration to try this!) it finally did the job!

I then set about adding lots of the Idea-ology goodies to decorate the box....
I also wanted to used the damaged zombie hand elsewhere so I added it inside 
corked dome... my dome had slightly cracked at the top so I carefully removed the glass using my Tim Holtz scissors, so it looks like it that hand is poking out...
I added more candle wax to finish!

Hop over to Tim's blog to see more spooky inspiration here 
thanks so much for popping by


Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Something Wicked

Hello friends!

I hope you are all good!
I know its been a while since I blogged...but I'm super excited to share this 'Haunted'
Tombstone to get you in the mood for Halloween next month 

I started with an Etcetera Tombstone tag, then layered it with papers from Tim Holtz and painted it with distress paints and vintage collage medium. 
I then distressed a cabinet card from Idea-ology, painted up the found relative
and gave her a makeover....(the witches hat is from one of the witch photo's) 
I then set about adding lots of Halloween Idea-ology...
The fingers on the broom are from the Zombie hands...I snapped them off as I wanted them to look like they were coming out of the cabinet card. 
I coloured some of the mummy cloth using distress inks , de-threaded it a little and hung it over the top of the tombstone. To finish I added skull and bones and splashed of red distress paint! 
more skulls and pumpkins were added along with an old key from my vintage stash!

I really hope you like this Halloween tombstone, please feel free to leave a comment, I appreciate you passing by.
All of the Halloween Idea-ology is available now, if you are in the UK, Art from the Heart are stocking it get it before it goes!

Have yourselves a lovely week!
I'll be back soon with another spooky make


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Be your beautiful self....

Hello friends

Happy Summer Holidays!!
It seems like forever waiting for the holidays to arrive....but its finally here!
I'm going to be super busy re-organising my creative space, I have too much stuff, very little room and I hoard everything, so at some point I'm going to purge and get rid of some things (deep breaths!)
If I get chance I'm also going to set up an Etsy account so I can sell some of my makes, along with some vintage (that's if I can bring myself to part with it!) so keep an eye out on social media, I will let you know when Ive set it up...

Today I am sharing a soft, grungy make...
I love the photo booth photos by Tim Holtz....I use them the most in my makes
I used a piece of mount board and applied Ranger gesso and Texture crackle paste
When it had dried I started to paint layers using distress paints in Ground expresso and stormy sky 
I used the stampers anonymous stamp set "ticket booth" and masked off areas so just the numbers were stamped 
To finish I added some Idea-ology stars circled with rusty wire and added the words from Tim's small talk book of words...
These words resinated with me, as a mom to a teenage daughter I was inspired to use them as a reminder to my always 'be your beautiful self'  as she's discovering, that life is full of stresses and unnecessary pressures and sometimes its hard to remember who you are...

As always please feel free to leave a comment, I really do appreciate you passing by...
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine
Bye for now 


Saturday, 14 July 2018

A Vintage Note pad

Hello friends

It seems like ages since I last is just a little hectic at the moment,
I'm hoping it slows down very soon!

Anyway just a quick post to share a vintage inspired notebook.
These notebooks are great value for money (available from Morrisons supermarket of all places!)
You get 3 for around two pounds.....

I added some Tim Holtz papers, Idea-ology and some of my own vintage finds

The photo is from Tim's Photo booth

I hope you like it....feel free to leave a message, I appreciate you passing by
Have a great week 


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Embrace the journey...

Hello friends

I Hope you are all good,
I've not been around much lately
as life been super busy.... I've really missed not being able to create...

So I made some time today to escape to my desk to create this grungy inspired make using a Tim Holtz Ecetera tag and my new favourite the Tim Holtz 3D texture fade (foundry)
The crackle is from Ranger ink....I love this product, it gives great effects. 
Ive also used a Tim Holtz stencil ( THS051)
the star is Idea-ology and I added my own key from my vintage stash

Sorry its a really quick post....I'm just counting down the days for the summer holidays, not long now!
As always feel free to leave a comment....I appreciate each one 
Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine