Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hello friends
I'm just popping into say a quickie Hello and to share some exciting news!!!
I know, I know I've been such a really bad blogger......
I'm so sorry......hoping to change that in the next few weeks
please bare with me.
Life's been really busy of late with one thing and another......
the pay the bills job,
 deadlines for projects.....creating for me..... oh and being a busy mum,
trying to spin lots of  plates really does takes it toll!
In my last post I talked about making some changes.....
I was recently reminded that Life's far to short to live with regret!
so after months contemplating if I should or shouldn't
 I have decided to make a BIG decision to
follow my HEART
 and to dedicate more time to being creative....whooohooo!
Yes I will probably be very broke and yes it could be 
what is otherwise known as a Midlife! lol
but I'm happy.........
I'm finally going to do something I love!
 I will be leaving the pay the bills job in the next few weeks.......
it will be so sad to say goodbye to some really lovely people.....
 but I'm soooooo super excited to be opening a new chapter in my life
and doing something I'm really passionate about
Hoping you will come along for the ride...
I've even got all clever and got myself a new facebook page,
I will  keep you up to date with workshops, teaching demos etc
feel free to like the page here
Hope to be back very soon
have a fabulous week
Carpe Diem
(seize the day)


  1. wicked... good for you... you will do just fine my friend... love n hugz xx

  2. Kaz, I am so excited for you as you begin the next chapter in your life. You are going to feel so much better living the creative life. Michelle

  3. Anonymous27 June, 2013

    It sounds like you'll be moving into a more soul satisfying space, my very best wishes and I hope the change goes really well.

  4. Good luck - I am sure you will be fine and be very busy... lol! Like you say,you have to follow your heart sometimes.

  5. Good for you, life isn't about being rich with money, it's about being rich in life. Take care Zo xx

  6. Good luck with the new venture, oh I've like your FB page ( thanks to Mario giving it a mention!)


  7. Well done! You won't regret following your (h)art

  8. MAHOOSIVE CONGRATS my friends!!! You won't be sorry in the long run!!!! I promise! So happy for you!!!

  9. Congratulations Kaz on seizing the moment as well as the day, I bet your life will be richer for it. xx

  10. Fantastic Kaz, congratulations and best wishes, you're very talented and I'm sure you'll find even more success by taking this path :) xx

  11. having being a student in a Kaz class I can heartily recommend you as a fantastic, knowledgeable, funny, enthusiastic bundle of amazingness
    soooo glad you are following your dream
    x Carpe Diem x

  12. Congrats on taking the leap that so many of us wish we could!! I hope you have much success!! Off to look for your FB page!

  13. Congratulations on taking the leap of faith, kaz! As Suze Weinberg's blog says... "Take the leap, and the net will appear!" So happy for you - hope it is all you hope it to be. Enjoy it and "work" hard! :)

  14. Anonymous27 June, 2013

    I think you've made the right decision & you're going to be SO successful! Congratulations!!

  15. Thrilled for you, wonderful to follow your dreams. Good luck in your creative journey. Tracy x

  16. Well done you, good luck with the leap!

  17. COOL!!! Wishing you all the best!

  18. Best of luck on this new chapter in your life Kaz! XxxOoo

  19. What an exciting post to read. I am wishing you all the best in the next exciting chapter in your life. Good for you, girl!

  20. Whoop whoop that is awesome news hun. Wishing you loads of luck and every success. Looking forward to all your fabaroonie creations.
    Love Sandra. Xxxxx

  21. Congrats! That is so exciting. Happy for you! Indeed, seize the day! Yahooooooooooo!

  22. Fantastic kaz , you should have done it ages ago. Super talented x

  23. Good for you Kaz.
    !8 months ago I closed my Playgroup after Supervising there for 16 years. As I had always crafted anyway Hubby said see if you can make any money from craft and see how you go. We are lucky we have no mortgage and two "board Paying" kids so were ok for dosh.
    I do ok with my crafts and keeps me happy and contented.
    I was so glad to be doing it and not going out to work.
    You might miss the contact with work friends, but your workshops should keep you sane!
    Well done you, and if it doesn't feel right after a while, go back to the pay job, nothing harmed.
    So pleased for you, join the gang!!
    I will be at Dy's on July 6th, hope you will be there.

  24. You are gonna ROCK IT Kaz. Not only are you talented but you have such a unique style and your personality shines through everything you do. I am excited and happy for you. I can only imagine who scary it must be, but you are so right - you never know and sometimes you just have to say wtf (sorry - but it's true). I'm definitely coming along for the ride.
    Sara j

  25. Good luck. I'll look forward to seeing the new crafty endeavours.

  26. great decision Kaz, it's good to follow your heart and do the things you really love, I hope to be able to do one of your workshops one day soon
    big hugzzzzzzz

  27. Big decision ... but you will never regret it, I'm sure! The sky is the limit ... so off you go! And I'll be enjoying seeing you blossom and grow ... I wish you all good things in the times ahead! xxx

  28. Best wishes in your new ventures Kaz..........your personality shines through and you are very creative/ inspiring

    Hugs Annie x x

  29. Fantastic!! Best wishes for the next step in your journey!!

  30. Good luck to you my friend, but bring it on, the world is ready and waiting for you :-)) Here's to being broke but happy xx

  31. The things we regret most in life are those we didn't have a go at so just enjoy. You will be one busy lady xx

  32. So brave of you to decide this. I'm sure you'll do just fine with your creative talent.
    I'm also thinking about quiting my hectic stressful dayjob, but still a bit hesistant... I think it's great that you're taking the plunge.

  33. Good on ya wishing you every success :)
    Happy craftin

  34. Soooo excited for you!! Am sure it'll be such an amazing journey for you!! Lots of love xx

  35. Good luck, you have done the right thing I am a lot older than you, trust me life flies by and as far as I am aware you only get one shot so enjoy :))

  36. Congrats! Follow your heart......make your dreams come true......and so on. Don't you feel much better now that you have made your decision? You will do well because you are so so talented. Good luck!

  37. So pleased and excited for you Kaz. I know you will be happier and cant wait to see all the inspiring projects you have tucked away in your creative side!

  38. Good Luck to you, hope your future life is successful, and fulfilling, and don't look back. Hugs from Australia!!!

  39. That's wonderful, I love to hear of people doing what they love !!

  40. Kaz if any one can make this work it is you, Good Luck and know how much I admire your courage in Living the life you love..GOOD LUCK

  41. Hi Kaz,
    I am generally just a stalker but had to take the time to tell you that I totally understand. There never seems to be enough hours in the day/week to do all the things I "want" to do, work full time, take care of the house, etc..... I, too have stepped back and decided that some times it's more fulfilling to step back from "stuff" (lengthy blog post, etc..) and work on the art that's been in my head. Ok, in short..... good for you. Go girl :-)

  42. Well done you, life is indeed too short for regrets. Looking forward to seeing more fab craftiness from you

  43. I'm really proud of you! To leave safety behind to do what you love. I burst with envy... Wish you all the best!

  44. Congrats Kaz!!! You will be huge asset to the crafting world and this may just help with your terrible migraines!!! I wish all the best and will continue to follow/stalk you and your creative journey!!! Hugs!!!

  45. So proud of you Kaz! You certainly won't regret it, it's the best decision I made. Life is all about making the right choices and girl, you did just that.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx

  46. Well done Kaz for making this decision. Life is just too short not to take the chance to do what you love the most and you are such a fantastic teacher too. Margie x


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