Monday, 29 July 2013

vintage book

Hello Friends

Hope you are all good!

I said in my last post that I would be having a little blog break....well I am off very soon to visit family which I'm really looking forward too  ......but today was special....
 I was really lucky.......
 Today I got  a whole day to myself......
Yep a whole day to create,
no children, no distractions, just me, the dog and my shed.....PERFECT!!

As most of you know I love vintage.......
I collect lots of things, bits and bobs, findings in fact lots of people think its junk but to me its treasure!! 
I never know when I'm going to use them but I just know I have to have them!
Lots of people ask me where I go to find things....
well I do spend far too much of my time searching, hunting, looking,
 I love the chase, the buzz of finding unusual things...its so addictive and so much fun!!
I went searching at the weekend and found treasure.......old keys, old school pencils, pen nibs etc....
I had to use them. straight away....
heres what I did...........
I used an old vintage photo from my collection.....A young girl on her first day at school 

I added lots of Idea-ology..........Did I ever tell you I LOVE Idea-ology|

I added some of my own findings.......keys, buttons, pins the old pencils 
I used Claudine Helmuths gesso, distress stains and inks along with glue and seal by Ranger
I used my sewing machine to add lots of stitches 
To finish 
 I decided to mount it all onto an old vintage book
that way I can prop it up on a shelf......... with the rest of my treasured junk....

As always feel free to leave a comment 
I really appreciate each and every one 

Hope to be back soon 
maybe with more vintage finds!

Have a fabulous week 



  1. Anonymous29 July, 2013

    So superb, stylish and creative book you've made! I Love it.
    Have a wonderful creative week

  2. oh Kaz, what a lovely cover to the book - which looks pretty fab itself, by the way!

  3. i love it Kaz!! now do you keep all these wonderful treasures you make?

    1. Yes.....I do keep most of them.....they are propped up all around the house x

  4. OH how lovely! I love old books and old photographs! I have lots of 100 year old family photos and negatives and something like this would be really great to do as a gift for my mother or mother-in-law.
    Thanks for sharing! So glad you got some creative time to yourself! As a mother of three that works full time I know how precious that time is.

  5. Anonymous29 July, 2013

    Wow, amazing & gorgeous project!!

  6. I would love to be a little bird sitting in the eaves of your studio, quietly watching you as your create! I just love your style and so appreciate that you share your inspiration for all of us. Thanks, Kaz!

  7. Just delicious - and I love the idea of mounting it on a book!
    Alison x

  8. I looooove this sweet friend!!!

  9. Looks fantastic Kaz. I love books, and this is suck a great idea. You are so clever

  10. Kaz, I absolutely love your style and your attention to every detail. Enjoy your time away.

  11. Oh my gorgeous goodness's stunning. I think if it were mine I would just sit and stare at it all day. Love all the bits and bobs. TFS! it's lovely.


  12. great piece.. Doesn't it feel awesome when something comes together like this and just looks awesome and was everything you thought it might be?

  13. Fabulous! So glad you got some time to create .... and what a wonderful creation. XXX

  14. Your love of antiques comes out in this piece. So your style. Xxx love this.

  15. Your love of antiques comes out in this piece. So your style. Xxx love this.

  16. Absolutely FABULOUS! I love junk too, but at least you've done something with yours ...

  17. Sooo fabulous, I love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. This is awesome :-) You have such a way with your vintage finds. So glad you had a day to enjoy yourself in your shed - child free days are few and far between in the summer holidays!

  19. Beautiful and such a brilliant idea to use a book to display it xx

  20. Fabulous Vintage Creation! You Rock and I just love stopping by to see what you have created! Hugs and Have fun visiting family!!!

  21. Love the way you have used your treasured finds! The pencil stubs are AWESOME!

  22. Love the use of the old book.

  23. Love the use of the old book.

  24. Just absolutely mouth wateringly gorgeous Kaz. Enjoy your break. x

  25. This is beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  26. Fabulous work, Love the way the way your have used the nibs, Perfect vintage book cover... Beautiful... Hugs May x x x

  27. Gorgeous as always, Kaz. A whole day just to do art.... ahhhhh. I usually have a dog or cat as a companion when I'm working too. Nice to have 'company' while you are doing art.

    Love all the pins and clips on this piece. And that you are sharing another person through a discarded photo. Respecting the photo and giving it new life.

    The idea of mounting your art onto a vintage book is brilliant! Love love this idea.

  28. Love the photo and the superb way you have decorated it, it is so beautiful, and I love all the bits! You used, thanks for sharing.

  29. love love this :)

  30. Anonymous31 July, 2013

    Wonderful work Kaz. You would have had a great time making this piece. Thanks for sharing. Karen.x

  31. Jacquelene L31 July, 2013

    This is fabulous. The photo of the girl is so cute, she looks so proud to be all ready for school. I love the pins and the pencils and the stitching. Putting the art piece on a vintage book is brilliant. This gives me ideas for altered book covers. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous art piece.
    Jacquelene L

  32. Love what you have done it is gorgeous.

  33. What an amazing project - I just love all your special touches! What a treat to have a day to yourself too - wonderful!!

  34. Oh this piece is sheer JOY...AMAZINGLY vintage and wonderfully done at every turn! I love the stitching, the photo, the bits and bobs! AWESOME design!


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