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Distress Crayon Resist Tutorial

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Today I'm really excited to share with you my latest project, along with a step by step tutorial using the Tim Holtz Distress Crayons to create a Distress crayon resist technique....

This post is photo heavy
So grab yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair

You will need:
Ranger glossy card stock ( I've used their ATC cards)
Wendy Vecchi Archival ink (Watering can)
Stamp and grid block
Ranger heat it tool/heat mat
Blending tool
Tim Holtz distress crayons
Tim Holtz distress markers
Wet wipes

It is important to use Glossy card stock as this gives the best results for this technique!

Step 1:Take your stamp of choice and mount it onto your grid block.
Using a distress crayon, colour over the image you wish to use quite generously
Step 2:
Instead of stamping down onto the card like you might normally do, take your glossy card to the stamp (glossy side down, so the glossy part makes contact with your stamp) This makes it easier to apply enough pressure to the card stock so that you get a better imprint of the image.
Step 3:
Using your fingers carefully burnish the back of the card.
Step 4:
Peel off the card and turn over so you have your image on the glossy card.
(you may have an image that is uneven  and bobbly due to how the distress crayons have stamped.....don't be tempted to touch it as it may smudge at this point and ruin all your hard work.....)
Step 5:
Take your Ranger heat it  tool and dry off the distress crayons

Step 6: The fun part!
Take some Wendy Vecchi Archival ink (I've used Watering can) and a blending tool.
Blend over the whole image, until your card is completely covered in Archival ink.

Step 7:
Again using your Ranger Heat it tool dry off the ink
Step 7:
This is the really cool part! Take a wet wipe and swipe it over the image, this will remove the distress crayon and leave you with a bleached out image
If you have removed too much of the archival you can go back in around the edges with your blending tool.
Step 8:
If you want to add some colour to your image then take a distress marker and apply to your image

Step 9:
to blend the colours together go back in with your wet wipe
(for this you have to work quite quick)
Stand back and admire your work!!
(Don't forget to clean your stamp with a wet wipe...the crayon is easy to wipe off)
I started to experiment and
I was curious to see if this technique would work with Distress ink
I repeated all the steps
but because the ink is water reactive it still worked
but you get a completely different look.....
you are left with a  really bleached out image and little colour...
but this still could be added in the same way as before by using the distress markers
(although I've not had chance to try that yet!)

So I hope this tutorial has inspired you to have a go......
its such a cool technique which gives you a different look each time!

The Distress Crayons are definitely my new favourite medium to work with
to find out more about them check out Tim using them here.....
You can buy them from Art form the Heart UK here or from Ranger here

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  1. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you for the inspiration ~ I'm off to try this technique.

  2. I love this technique! Will have to give it a go tomorrow!

  3. I love the resist techniques though I am not good at them. This is a great project.

  4. This is a fabulous tutorial Kaz, love the whole look of the bleached effects and then adding colour back in with the markers is superb. Your panel is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
    Hope you're having a lovely Easter.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  5. Really lovely technique

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  7. Fab Tutorial Kaz - thanks so much for sharing the 'how to' . Your finished piece is a real beauty. x

  8. Beautiful piece, love this technique! Thanks for sharing Kaz!

  9. I had never seen this technique anywhere! You are such a smart gal! Thanks for the clear, well illustrated tutorial.

  10. A brilliant tutorial Kaz and such a great technique, I really love the 'ghostly' image it leaves behind. This is definitely one to try, thanks so much for sharing it! xx

  11. Great ghosting technique...I love the softness of it. Brilliant play!!!

  12. amazing my friend! can't wait to try this!! xo!

  13. Yet another way to use them! Thank you for sharing this Kaz - gotta give it a go xx

  14. What a great technique! I have the crayons and haven't used them yet but will certainly try this idea! Thanks so much!!

  15. Lovely. Thank you. I avoided buying the crayons, but now I have to try this!

  16. Thank you so much for the tutorial Kaz! I just love these butterflies with the black- definitely going to give it a go!
    Jackie xx


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