Saturday, 29 September 2018


Hello friends

I'm back with another spooky Halloween make....
I took a vignette box and covered it using Halloween papers by Tim Holtz and distress it.
I lined the inside with the wallpaper.
I also added melted wax from a red candle to add another layer of spookiness!
I broke the fingers off the zombie hands by accident, (because I actually stood on them both!!) but like in my previous post I decided to make use of those fingers by making them look like they were coming out of the box

I was trying to suspend the skulls with thread so they would moved with the box but wasn't having a lot of luck, so I  drilled through the skulls using a Dremel drill,,,(thank you to the lovely Stacy for giving me the inspiration to try this!) it finally did the job!

I then set about adding lots of the Idea-ology goodies to decorate the box....
I also wanted to used the damaged zombie hand elsewhere so I added it inside 
corked dome... my dome had slightly cracked at the top so I carefully removed the glass using my Tim Holtz scissors, so it looks like it that hand is poking out...
I added more candle wax to finish!

Hop over to Tim's blog to see more spooky inspiration here 
thanks so much for popping by



  1. Kaz, this is phenomenal! Gruesome goodness!

  2. I really like how you ended up hanging the skulls. It totally makes the scene. The nails pounded in are an A for sure. I also like the hand protruding the dome; cool happy accident. Sweeet!

  3. Love this!! Awesome way to make use of an OOPS with the broken zombie hands and fingers!

  4. ...and that touch of CANDLE WAX!!! What a delightfuly wicked touch!!! You always have the coolest details in your makes, Kaz!!!


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