Sunday, 19 May 2013

Melt Art Mania!

 Hello friends!
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Thank you so much for popping by today.....
I'm sooo excited to share my Melt Art Mania creation with you....
not only that...... I will also be sharing a tutorial on how you to can create your own Melt Art.....

A few weeks ago was asked to participate in
 Rangers Melt Art Mania....I just couldn't wait to get started!
I wanted to use my Melt Art melting pot as it has
so many creative possibilities from Creating 3-D embellishments, jewellery, paper crafting in fact the list just goes on!

I wanted to create something that could have a duel purpose......
 maybe worn as an item of jewellery but could also be adapted to use as an embellishment for my art work
So for this project as well as using my Melt Art Pot,  Melt Art Texture treads I would also use one of my other favourite mediums....
Rangers Metal foil sheets.....are perfect for what I had in mind.....

These brooches are so cool and simple to make..

Here is a tutorial on how you can 
create your own Melt Art embellishments


Set your melt pot to the UTEE setting and add your UTEE
(I used clear and Pearl)
Choose your texture tread and carefully pour the UTEE over the top
next take a cookie cutter and carefully place into the UTEE and leave for a few minutes to set 
(use your spatula to test if the UTEE has set.......DO NOT use you fingers)
When the UTEE is cool, carefully peel the texture tread away and snap the heart out of the UTEE
(Place any left over UTEE back into your melt pot to re-use) 
Next take a sheet of Rangers  Metal foil sheet
cut a heart  out of the foil sheet slightly bigger than your UTEE heart 
Remove the backing of the foil sheet. 
Next place your UTEE heart  face-down onto the foil that the pattern is stuck to the foil 
carefully make some snips around the heart. 
Turn over the heart and using a paper stump or an embossing tool rub over and around the heart to expose the the pattern of the texture tread
Now take the snipped foil and stick down to the edges of the heart 
cut another heart in the foil and place onto the back of the heart 
this will hide the seams of the foil 
Using steel wool, gently rub over the whole pattern of the heart
Take a blending tool with felt and apply some pitch black alcohol ink 
Rub the blending tool all over the heart (front and back) 
Take a small piece of steel wool and gently rub over the areas you want to to expose
of the pattern 
I added a smaller heart to my brooch ( made in exactly the same way )
and stuck it to the heart using a hot glue gun 
To finish I added a pin to the reverse of my brooch
Your brooch is finished!
I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial 
Why not experiment and add some Idea-ology 

Try pouring the UTEE into a memory frame, when it has completely cooled add a square of metal foil sheet to the embossed UTEE frame and follow the steps as before.. 
You could also try adding colour to the metal, I used Rangers Vintaj Patinas 
apply the Patinas using your fingers over the raised areas, then gently rub with the steel wire for a more distressed look.

I love experimenting with the texture treads
they are so much fun to work with!

Now did I mention a Ranger give-away??

The lovely people at Ranger have given me a fabulous prize pack to give away
to one lucky reader!
2 texture treads,1 set of heat-it inks,8oz jar of clear UTEE and a melt Art Project craft sheet
How cool is that?!
All you need to do is to leave a comment on this blog post.....
A  lucky winner will be announced on June 2nd 2013
good luck!

Thanks so much for popping by The Little Shabby Shed
Have  fun creating with your Melt Art 
and be sure to pop by the Ranger Ink blog for lots of  fabulous Melt Art inspiration

cheerio for now